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Find Your Inner Beauty, Elegance, Confidence with Eco-Partner Justine Time to Dance    POSTED BY JACQUELINE FOX ON SEPTEMBER 01, 2015

Meet Justine Kawas – one of our newest eco-system partners – and her business, Justine Time to Dance. Located within the tranquil setting of Serenity Day Spa in Doylestown, Justine Time to Dance offers Ballroom and Latin Dance instruction, private and semi private lessons, social events, and private event hosting. 

I had the pleasure of not only meeting with Justine at her studio for an interview but also observing – and then participating in – one of her adult special needs dance classes.  Witnessing the elegance of the dancers performing a waltz accompanied by the song, ‘Let It Be Me’ by Ray LaMontagne was simply magical. A moment marked with grace. 

Dancing is Justine’s passion.  A New York native, she has been a professional Ballroom and Latin dance instructor for 28 years. Justine’s grandparents, Buddy and Betty, were one of the first Arthur Murray Dance Studios franchisees in the country in 1954. In 1987, Justine joined the studio as an instructor and manager. In addition to being a certified Imperial Society of Teacher of Dance (ISTD) instructor, Justine was a finalist in the National American Style Ballroom Championships for years. Using her dance experience and passion, Justine prides herself on making her art of teaching “fun, realistic, and accessible for all.” The emphasis of the instruction is on “learning skills that will last a lifetime.”

How did Justine “land” in Doylestown? Visiting her best friends who had recently relocated from Brooklyn to Doylestown in September of 2006, during Arts Festival weekend, she fell in love with the charm of the town and a year later decided to move. She knew she wanted to find that special new dance home, which she did with the connection of Serenity Day Spa. “The dance program is purely about beauty – feeling beautiful, elegant, graceful and confident.” The connection with her students is also of utmost importance. “I love the confidence I see take shape in people when they dance. I love to facilitate communication with people through dance. I love the happiness and connection that people have with music and each other. I truly get a gift back every time I teach a lesson and I will always be grateful for this opportunity.”

Remember to take advantage of Justine’s special for co-op members: a one-hour free private lesson for 1-4 people.  Learn more about Justine and her business at her website: 

Co-op members and friends will have an opportunity to experience Justine’s fun class style. Join her for a Harvest Moon Dance at her studio on Saturday, September 26, from 4 – 7 pm. The event is free! Start with a 45-minute intro to Ballroom & Latin Dance class followed by an evening of general dancing and socializing. All attending are invited to bring a simple appetizer or dessert that represents the seasonal flavors of Autumn. Location: Justine Time to Dance Studio within Serenity Day Spa, 64 Swamp Road, Doylestown. (Note: the entrance to the studio is via the lower back parking lot, not the main Spa entrance.)

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Spreading the Joy of Dance throughout the community!

Every lesson is unique and everyone’s experience different, I am never at a loss to find the joy in teaching them all.


Words from a great couple that are an active part of our studio

We have been taking dance lessons from Justine for almost 3 years.  We love her enthusiasm, her teaching skills, and the fun that we have when we are at the dance studio.  We are familiar and comfortable with about 10 dances we have learned in the ballroom and Latin categories.  We are learning and practicing from group classes, private lessons, and most importantly from the dance club that is offered every week for 2 hours.  Our greatest surprise is that we are starting to improve and retain what we are learning.  I had no idea how social this activity is as we have turned many of our dance sessions into “date” nights and dinner following our time at the studio.  This is a fabulous opportunity for a new activity with your spouse and meeting new friends outside your normal environment.  Give it a try…you’ll get hooked!!
Scott and Lynne Shaw

Summer 2015

Another happy couple!

 Justine made what felt like an intimidating prospect, learning a dance to perform in front of 190 guests at our own wedding, a wonderful experience. My husband and I had started to feel like we had two left feet after failing to learn a dance from an instructor who just did not speak the same 'language' we did. Justine to the rescue! She is someone who possesses the intuition to meet you where you are in terms of your skill level and make the process of learning a dance completely enjoyable, relaxed, and FAST! On top of all of this, she is a wonderful person with a good heart who is simply wonderful to be around.  

 June 27, 2014, Ashley & Kevin

One of the most thoughtful Fathers I have ever taught in prep for his daughter’s big day sent me the below note…..

 Ah Justine, 

 You always remember your first (and your favorite).  And since you are, and have been my one and only, I shall never forget!!    
You are very kind and I am most grateful for your patience and your more than often personal and dedicated attention. 

One lesson I brought with me to Kenya last year during my service project was that there is a difference between being an instructor and being a teacher.  Although you may learn from both, a teacher reinforces the learning that is retained for the long run which remains impactful, and sustainable. 
I am going to have to work on smaller steps to avoid stepping onto her dress.  And I’ll be sure to keep a few tissues handy. 
Yesterday, you had a chance to see the calculating Einsteinian that I am versus the sometimes ‘loose’ cannon that is Christine suppressed.  But our differences are what often makes it fun when we are together.  Her challenge in life is to ‘get me’, and she quite often does.     

Lo and behold, Musicality (which is what I tell Martin he has!)  is actually a word meaning sensitivity to, knowledge of, talent for music.  As a pianist, Leah inherited our qualities:  Christine’s talent for handling the most challenging pieces and my ability to play that piece with inner most emotion.       

Doorknob, elbow up, make the connection, back straight, look at Leah, look at the room (my hardest challenge while I am staring at her).  All that I reminded Martin to do!
The Las Vegas betting line (actually my good friend and work companion) for the Over/under for number of times I am caught crying is set at 3.  Place your bets!! 

Most Sincerely,